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Electronics & Communication is leading the information revolution. Developments in multimedia applications, fiber optics, VLSI and Switching technologies are rapidly changing the way we live. To compete effectively in today's global market, professionals need to keep informed of innovative advances in technologies that fundamentally affect the Communications industry.

The department of Electronics & Communication Engineering of GIFT , established in 2007offering B.Tech degree with intake of 60 students. It is the mission of the department to strive for providing a technically advanced academic environment through acquiring well directed & honest effort.

The department provides special emphasis on Advanced communication systems, Microprocessor and Micro controllers, DSP and VLSI .Electronics and Communication Engineering has well equipped laboratories. It provides students with facilities ranging from elementary basic electronics circuit to latest trends in electronics and communication engineering. Computer and Signal Processing labs are equipped with research oriented software for design analysis and signal processing tools. Digital and Microprocessor lab allows students to have a hands-on experience working with microprocessor kits and also furnishes basic digital system design facilities. The department has labs that support practical in areas of Analog and Digital Communication, Microwave and Engineering. The major Laboratories are listed below.

The passed out students of ECE department of will be well placed in various multinational companies such as :
Honeywell, TCS, Wipro Technologies, Hexaware, Satyam, Tech Mahindra, Accenture etc.

The Department students have successfully qualified in GATE and CAT with very high Ranks.

Physical Resources:

1.Digital Signal Processing Lab:
Matlab 7.1.0 for software simulation & TMS320C6713, TMS320C5416 hard ware Kits with Code Composer Studio software for carrying out experiments like ,A-Law Companding ,Double-Precision Complex FFT

2.VLSI Lab:
Xilnx 7.1i software, Microwind 3.0V

software and FPGA kits for down loading the program.

3.Communication System Engineering Lab:
Microwave benches, Antenna trainer Kit both manual and automated controlled by PC, RF transmission line trainer kit, different Antennas like dipole ,folded dipole, Yagi log periodic a horn antenna, Satellite trainer kit, fiber optics trainer kit etc.

4.Propagation & Antenna Lab:
Antenna trainer Kit both manual and automated controlled by PC, RF transmission line trainer kit, different Antennas like dipole ,folded dipole, Yagi log periodic a horn antenna, Spectrum Analyzers, DSO and Dual trace CRO etc

5.Analog Communication Lab:
Amplitude Modulation & Demodulation, Frequency Modulation& Demodulation, PAM, PPM, PWM, trainer kits Spectrum Analyzers, DSO and Dual trace CRO .

6.Digital Communication Systems Lab:
Studies of PCM transmitter and receiver, Study of line coders : BPRZ, PNRZ, Studies of PSK,ASK,FSK, QPSK,BPSK modulator and demodulator, connected by either physical or simulated channel, Studies on PCM/TDM system (Multiplexing/ De-multiplexing), PAM,FDM,TDM,PC to PC communication link using optical fiber, ISDN trainer kit, CDMA trainer kit.

7.Microprocessor and Micro-controller Lab:
8085 Microprocessor,8086 microprocessor and 8051 Micro- controller trainer kits with 2-line LCD display , ASCII keyboard, PC interfaced for basic programming and practical applications.

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