Transportation Facility

Transport System is one of the pick-drop facilities available at GIFT. GIFT has its own fleet of buses which caters to the transportation needs of students, staffs and faculties. It provides link between the campus and the city. The transport committee is authorized to decide the paths and route of the transport facility.
  • Institute has a large fleet of Buses
  • Managed in good condition
  • Trustworthy services
  • Same transport shared by the students, staffs and faculties
1. Rasulgarh,Kalpana,AG ,Governer House, Gopabandhu chaka, OUAT ,Firestation, N.H. to College
2. CRP,Rental, Jagannath Vihar, Rajadhani College, Dumduma,Hig-108 ,N.H. to College
3. Lingaraj Mandir , Garaze chaka, Tankapani, Rabitakeis, Mausima Mandir Forest park, Pokhri put, khandagri, N.H. to college
4. KIIT Chhak, Patia, Damana, Niladri Vihar,Sailashree Vihar,Damana,Jayadev Vihar,Power house,DAV, CRP,NH to College.
5. VSS Ngr,Vani Vihar, Ram Mandir,Master Canteen,PMG,Acharya Vihar,ISKCON ,N.H. To College
6. Kalinga Nagar Girls Hostel, N.H. To College