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Computer Aided Design supports the Design Engineering activity that includes creation of 2D/3D Geometric models doing engineering analysis, evaluating the design by simulation and Produce Rapid Drafting for Manufacturing with the help of computers. The traditional CAD System offers 2D Drafting, 3D modeling with Limited Modification Capability. This system substitutes Drafting Board completely. The high end 3D CAD Tool Provides many solutions under one platform. If alteration is made in one feature then it will automatically change other related (dependent) features. Dimensional and Geometrical constrains play a major role in this parametric design Technology. Testing the designs on the computer instead of expensive and time-consuming field tests leads to significant reduction in Product Development Cycles (PDC). Cost and time to-market is another advantage. The modern CAD System helps product Design under practical constraints helps enormously imaginative concepts.

GIFT has taken the lead in the use of CAD graphics conventions on the worldwide web, an interactive 2-D and 3-D CAD demonstration of our college campus on the web. We also are now into 3-D CAD modeling of raster-vector overlays.

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