Alumni Testimonials


“I am satisfied with this type of program.Please try every possible way so that maximum students can participate in Alumni meet.“
-Pratyush Patra, EEE (2007-2011 Batch) Ph. 9437226926,


“Experience marvelous. Over voltage enjoyment. A get to there for our students.“
-Chandan Patro, EEE (2007-2011 Batch) Ph. 7752020114,


“The real experience over here is good.“
-Shashi Bhusan Mohanty, EEE (2007-2011 Batch) Ph. 9776977631, -


“Good environment. Teachers . Overall the total experience is very good.“
-Himadri Sekhar Deo , EEE (2007-2011 Batch) Ph. 9178888848,


“Alumni meet was really entertaining and bring some beautiful memories of my life. “
-Biswa Bhusan Panda , EEE (2007-2011 Batch) Ph. 9776351005,


“Alumni meet which will be held in every year is just awesome. A lot of memories, we recollect here. Thank you everyone for arranging such a one class memorable trip. :) “
-Rojalin Bhutia , EEE (2007-2011 Batch) Ph. 8763189439,


“No comments. Everything is fine. “
-Rajesh Kumar Sahu , EEE (2008-2012 Batch) Ph. 9438659604,


“Thanks for the call to alumni meet.Keep it up and maintain the quality of teaching and make GIFT a well known college in the country. “
-Abhinash Mohapatra , EEE (2008-2012 Batch) Ph. 7381943895,


“It is glad to know college is finding some time for the past students to interact with the present students. Every moment is gift with some moments of joy is very good for all of us. “
-Amit kumar Satpathy , EEE (2008-2012 Batch) Ph. 8598012414,


“Good. No comments.All is well. Thanks.“
-Mukesh Ku. Sahu , EEE (2009-2013 Batch) Ph. 9439276705,


“Good to see you again next year. :) jai ho“
-Ranjit ku. Prusty , EEE (2009-2013 Batch) Ph. 9040296147,


“Well organised party. Thanks.“
-Pritam Mohanty , EEE (2009-2013 Batch) Ph. 8895206201,


“yes it's a very good event. I am happy.“
-Rishab Pratik Bal, EEE (2009-2013 Batch) Ph. 9439369877,


“I am very happy to know that after passing out and from this college also, it have time for us. It is a type of get to gather of friends .Really like this.“
-Khusbu Gupta, EEE (2010-2014 Batch) Ph. 8093301139,


“It is the best in its class“
-Tatwa Prakash Patsani, MECHANICAL (2010-2014 Batch) Ph. 9776940944,


“Thanks for such a nice arrangment.Best Of Luck“
-Amit Kumar Saraf, MECHANICAL (2010-2014 Batch) Ph. 9777441566,